Diamond Crash Mania

Diamond Crash Mania

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Match 3 similar diamonds to release them. Match more diamonds for more bonuses. Try to get a higher score to advance to the next level. TIPS: 1. Bombs blow away everything around them. 2. The STAR blows the entire row and column. 3. Blue stripes over the diamonds blow away vertically or horizontally the entire row or column.

Game Details

Entertainment can reach unexpected levels of fun with the challenging Diamond Crash Mania. Within this three-match game you have the chance to virtually travel in the world of jewels, were treasure hunts are permitted. But how can you actually engage in this adventurous “hunting” activity? While lining up jewels in horizontal and vertical movement, simply be sure to complete chains of similar jams, as the longer your chain is, the more will your bonuses increase. The number of total points can lift you up to the next level, were you can enjoy challenges of higher difficulty. Moreover, you can speed up the process of passing from one level to another by profiting from various tips, such as bombs that blow-away everything around them, allowing you to gain significantly more points. One thing is sure: this amazing three match game adventure takes you on a journey that you will certainly want to repeat.

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