Epic Christmas Celebration

Epic Christmas Celebration

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Set the direction in which you need to sent the Santa. The distance of mouse and Santa will decide the power (speed) of Santa. Release mouse button to launch the Santa. Try to set things in order to get multiple gifts opened.

Game Details

Epic Christmas Celebration is a physics puzzle game. All the Christmas gifts are ready to be distributed among children. Shoot Santa towards the gifts so he can collect and deliver them. Use mouse to select the angle, mouse distance will decide the power and release mouse button to make the Santa fly towards the gift packs. Each time Santa chases a gift box, it opens and many gifts are distributed to the children. Try to open all the gift boxes to win a level. You will be given $200 for each level, for each launch you need to pay $10. You need to open all the boxes before this $200 finish. You'll be rewarded with $2 per each box opened!

Date Added: 2017-05-05

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