Graveyard Penalty Cup

Graveyard Penalty Cup

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To shoot properly you'll need to make two mouse clicks. The first click will make your player to move towards the ball. It determines where your player 'intend' to shoot if no second click is made - making it possible to trick the goalkeeper. The second click determines the final direction and height of the ball. Be careful how long you keep your finger on the mouse this time. Just press it and release it immediately. When defending pay attention to the red circle that will appear - this is where opponent will shoot.

Game Details

You thought that undead can't play football? You are dead wrong! Graveyard Penalty Cup is a soccer penalty shootout game, featuring various evil (and not so evil) species. This game gathers teams of creatures determined to decide who is the best in taking penalties. Now, pick your favorite creatures, and lead them to the title!

Date Added: 2017-05-05

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