• Rock Music (Guitar Hero Style) PLAY NOW!

    Casual game in the style of guitar hero!*** Songs mentioned in credits!Use keyboard to play on desktop!A - S - K - L Use touch buttons on mobile!Buy this template in the Codecanyon store (with other songs) ..

  • Dora Guitar Time PLAY NOW!

    Can you play the guitar? Let's play the game! You can use the mouse or keyboard to control it. Play the song you know or create a new one! Have fun with Dora Guittar Time!

  • Dj Shaq PLAY NOW!

    Dj Shaq is a cool music game. Click buttons in different color and create a beautiful piece of music. If you are a music lover, don't miss this game. Have a good time!

  • Disco Jumper PLAY NOW!

    Disco Jumper is a marvelous game that provides you great music and fascinating image, control your disco ball to move left or right, jump to keep yourself high enough and wouldn't fall down, the difficulty will get increased when ..

  • Piano Tiles Reflex PLAY NOW!

    Piano Tiles Reflex is an addicting game that you can play in your free time. The rule is easy: Tap all black key and avoid to touch the white one. There are 3 modes for you to choose: Endurance mode, Pattern mode, and frenzy ..

  • Xmas Magic Tiles PLAY NOW!

    Xmas Magic Tiles is a music arcade game. Click on the black square to play the sweet music, remember not to miss any block, otherwise the challenge will fail. Your reaction is the key to success. Enjoy this unlimited game. Good ..