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  • Charming Tang Princess PLAY NOW!

    Princess Taiping is very famous in the Tang Dynasty. She is very beautiful and wise. Come to see her charming look and experience attractive Chinese ancient costume. You will get a great surprise!

  • Mr. And Mrs. Easter Egg Wedding PLAY NOW!

    Easter day is a big day. Mr. And Mrs. Easter Egg decided to hold their wedding on Easter day. Elsa, Jack, Anna, and Kristoff will take part in the wedding. Play as the wedding designer to help Easter Egg couple dress up and ..

  • Rapunzel Relaxing At The Spa PLAY NOW!

    Rapunzel wanted to relax. Help Rapunzel to make a Spa, make a facial cleanser, and make a beautiful makeup look, and choose nice cloths. Have fun with Rapunzel Relaxing At The Spa.

  • Princess Prom Photoshoot PLAY NOW!

    The princess is going to a party. You need to make her a face SPA, clean, apply a mask, and get rid of pimples. Make a stylish hairstyle, makeup, and dress up beautiful clothes, shoes, and wear lovely jewelry. Make the princess ..

  • Lovely Chic Twin PLAY NOW!

    This game is specially designed for the fans of dressing up. However you are beautiful ladies, cute kids, it is possible for you to join us. On the spare time, you can have a try. Maybe you could get more good ideas for dressing ..

  • Time For School Make Up PLAY NOW!

    Click on the next item to choose your favorite decoration, and dress up a stylish look. Come and play to Time For School Make Up.

  • Cruise Wedding PLAY NOW!

    What would a cruise wedding be like? Emily and Jack decided to hold a cruise wedding. Emily needs someone to prepare the wedding dress and accessories. Join in the game Cruise Wedding to help Emily dress up and makeup. Enjoy it!

  • Dark Charming Dressup PLAY NOW!

    Our lovely girl wants a new gothic outlook, design her hairstyle and makeup and find her the perfect dress, after a gorgeous look, you can pick some cute animal to go with her, isn't that perfect for a gothic theme, have fun!

  • Great Hair Princess Beauty Salon PLAY NOW!

    In this game, you will spend with a beautiful princess.You will apply your face to the princess, remove acne, makeup, trim your hair and repair your toenails.Have fun with Great Hair Princess Beauty Salon.

  • Chinese Bride PLAY NOW!

    What would it be like when a Chinese girl has a wedding? Join Chinese Bride, you can see the fantasy bride looks in red Chinese dressing. This beautiful girl is going to be married, what a big day! Help her choose the perfect ..

  • Princess Loves Ice Cream PLAY NOW!

    Our princess is an ice cream lover, she likes ice cream so much that every time she went out for a walk she would love an ice cream in her hand. Please help our princess make up and find her the best outfit, lastly, put a yummy ..

  • Rainbow Candies PLAY NOW!

    Candy rain! the playground is having a big holiday event, everyone is dressing in rainbow color. Please help our little girl to make up and find her the best rainbow style outfit, don't forget the candy! make her the shiniest ..

  • Warm Pajamas PLAY NOW!

    Every girl wants cute pajama and room to sleep like a princess, in this game, you can find lovely pajama and cute little bunny, you can do yourself a fanny makeup, and find your self the best pajama look. Have fun in Warm Pajamas!

  • Boutique Beauty PLAY NOW!

    Choose beautiful clothes, make up beautiful makeup, and dress up beautiful. Have fun with Boutique Beauty.

  • I Got Gifts PLAY NOW!

    You can wear beautiful clothes and beautiful makeup. Go and choose gifts with your friends. Have fun with I Got Gifts.

  • Shopping Season PLAY NOW!

    Wear nice clothes and make up your makeup. Go shopping. This season is a good season for shopping. Have fun with Shopping Season.

  • Madam Matadora PLAY NOW!

    The bullfighter is usually a man's choice of career, but Lily chose this job, the girl can be very handsome, quick help her to dress up. Have fun with Madam Matadora.

  • Blossom Dresses PLAY NOW!

    There are a lot of floral dresses in the game, you can choose the beautiful skirt to put on. Put on some beautiful makeup and go play. Have fun with Blossom Dresses.

  • Smart Stripes PLAY NOW!

    There's a lot of stripes here. Pick it up. The striped clothes are very good to wear. You can also make a beautiful look. Have fun with Smart Stripes.

  • Cheerleader Girl Love Story PLAY NOW!

    The cheerleader is going on a date. Can you help her? You need to help clean her face, then apply a facial mask, treat her face, and paint beautiful makeup. Do a nice manicure. Give her a nice dress and a beautiful look. Let her ..

  • Athleisure PLAY NOW!

    Sports casual clothes are also very fashionable, hurry up to pick up some sports clothes, a little makeup to go out to play. Have fun with Athleisure.

  • Office Slacking 4 PLAY NOW!

    Sarah doesn't want to work. She always does something else at work. If the boss is there, she will work hard. When the boss is away, she does her own things, such as nail polish, curly hair, lipstick and facial mask. If the boss ..

  • Gossip Girls Divas In Highschool PLAY NOW!

    These three beautiful girls from diva high school, they are deeply attracted by your beauty salon. In this game, you're going to give them left facial care and makeup. Help them clean their face, make up, and do a stylish ..

  • Backstage Model PLAY NOW!

    Tara is a famous top model. she's going to present your new fashion collection in Paris. Everyone is waiting for you! Backstage makeup must be completed! Choose the best eye shadow, blush and lip gloss to match your dresses. ..

  • Gifted Little Artist PLAY NOW!

    This is Charlotte! She's always been really good at painting since she was a little girl. That's why we call her 'Gifted Little Artist'. Finally she has her own exposition and she invited you, too! Now, get dressed, apply a ..

  • Dress For A Date 3 PLAY NOW!

    The best style gets you to the boy of your dreams! So try your best not to fail in fashion. Keep up with the fashion trends and complete your style with accessories!

  • Honey And Milk 2 PLAY NOW!

    A glass of milk and honey daily in the morning is known to improve the stamina of people. This young girl a walking proof of that. Let's find the right clothes to match her high energy!

  • Paris Baby PLAY NOW!

    Today Audrey plans to stroll around the Champs-Elysees, visit the museums and walk in the amazing parks! They say Paris is the centre of fashion, so shopping in Paris is the best! Get inspired by Paris fashion and make Audrey ..

  • Thanksgiving Spa & Makeover PLAY NOW!

    Thanksgiving is only two days away! This once-in-a-year event gathers the whole family together! This time you'll do the cooking for dinner so you may want to get yourself ready for the long cooking time! What about a spa session ..

  • Warm Thanksgiving Day PLAY NOW!

    Girls, you've been going to spa centers and getting beauty makeovers for the last two days to get ready for Thanksgiving! Don't you think that it's about the time to pick your dinner dress? It's tomorrow so you should hurry! ..

  • Cowgirl Look Makeover PLAY NOW!

    Welcome to my farm, sweethearts! This is a lovely day to spend some time at the countryside! We have beautiful horses, cows, chickens and friendly farmers over here to welcome you! Today you will eat only the most natural foods ..

  • Autumn Jackets PLAY NOW!

    Autumn is a good season to be stylish! All those jackets, hats and scarves are designed to make the cold season warmer with a look! So, it's time choose our style for this beautiful atmosphere! We need to make sure that our ..

  • Charming Way Of Fashion PLAY NOW!

    These charming ladies are invited to a very important fashion event! They will watch a special fashion show of famous fashion designer! That's just great because they were searching for ways to look fabulous! Now they can get ..

  • Country Road PLAY NOW!

    Road tripping to the countryside is a great joy! You love it, your best friend loves it... Well why don't you do it today, then? It's a perfect plan for sunday! Call your best friend, dress up your country style clothes and get ..

  • Let’s Be Beautiful: Autumn PLAY NOW!

    Girls, if there is a season for fashion that must be Autumn! The atmosphere is just in the right color for styling! I say, bring out your colorful clothes and wear them today! You'll see that it will create a perfect balance with ..

  • Ani’s Wardrobe PLAY NOW!

    Ani is a beautiful girl who loves fashion! Though she's not a fashion student, she knows as much as them! You can count on her fashion senses when she suggests you something! Getting to know her and her style will be so much fun!

  • Fashion Diaries 2 PLAY NOW!

    Fashion Diaries became a really famous fashion blog so these two ladies decided to take it a little further! They have decided to design their own clothes! First they will do it for themselves then they will design for everybody! ..

  • Joy Of Fashion Iii PLAY NOW!

    Hello cutie pies, is everything going well on your side? Things have been great for me because my dreams are finally coming true! At last, I will take my part in this sparkling world of fashion as a designer! You are all invited ..

  • Cupcake Corner Waitress PLAY NOW!

    You may think that this is not an ordinary place to have cupcakes. That's totally right! We care about having fun at this place! We have lovely waitresses and I'm sure you'll like the way they are dressing up! So, come to our ..

  • Panda Baby PLAY NOW!

    Love pandas? Then you belong to this group! Everybody loves them here! We even designed special clothes, shoes and accessories inspired by these lovely animals! They are all sold in our shop so you can buy them if you like!

  • Contrast Colors Fashion Iii PLAY NOW!

    Contrast colors are on the fashion spotlight! If you didn't get your look for the season, it's time! Try every possible combination till you find the best look for yourself! You will look cool and fashionable!

  • Design Your Prom Look PLAY NOW!

    Play around with the options and see what you can come up with! Change the eyes, skin color and hair to make the girl look like you or like your friends.

  • Famous Couples 6 PLAY NOW!

    Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone, these two are not an 'official' couple except in the movie Twilight, were they're known as Jasper and Alice. They have great chemistry both on and off set so let's keep our fingers crossed that ..

  • Famous Couples 5 PLAY NOW!

    Here we have another episode of Famous Couples! This time you can work on the Twilight couple Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Apply some make-up and choose suitable hairstyles! Make these cool vampires look awesome!

  • Christmas Costumes Ready PLAY NOW!

    Lovely Christmas is coming and everyone is getting ready for this special time! Let's prepare for the Christmas night too! Pick the clothes you like the most and create your perfect Christmas look!

  • Circus Dress Up PLAY NOW!

    Circus Show is starting and all staffs should wear their costumes. Jasmine wants to wear the best suitable clothes and make up accordingly. Match the colors and contrast to get the higher points.

  • Christmas Party Make Up PLAY NOW!

    There are just several days for Christmas and Isabel is hurried about her dresses and make up.

  • Christmas Clothes Ready PLAY NOW!

    Now it is Christmas time and Mary wants to wear the best suitable clothes and make up accordingly. Match the colors and contrast to get the higher points.

  • Famous Couples 4 PLAY NOW!

    Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are lovely couple of Harry Potter series, make up them.

  • Private School Jury PLAY NOW!

    Dress up cute girl with school dresses, pay attention the details, like colors, contrast etc and try to get the highest score.

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