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  • Memory Challenge PLAY NOW!

    Do you have a good memory? Now this game can tell you. You have to flip two cards. You have two seconds to memorize all pairs. If two cards are the same, they disappear. Otherwise, it will return. As levels increase, the ..

  • Plane In The Hole 3D PLAY NOW!

    To be a brave pilot, you need to challenge your reaction speed and control the bullet rhythm while responding quickly. In the meantime, you need to avoid obstacles and collect gold coins. Hope that you can show your outstanding ..

  • Polar Fall PLAY NOW!

    Polar Fall is a fast-paced game. In the game, you tap or click to turn Mr.Bear left or right, you need to go far to collect gifts and avoid obstacles along the way. Have fun and good luck!

  • Trollface Quest: Video Memes And Tv Shows PLAY NOW!

    The new sequel to the Trollface Quest series is finally available to all players! The game still with the unique sense of humor of Trollface Quest, and you will never imagine what will happen. Actually, you can use the hint ..

  • Non-stop Spinner PLAY NOW!

    Are you bored now? If yes, come here and play this fidget spinner, you have to use the mouse or Left and right arrows to turn the wheel. The faster it spins, the higher points you get. Have fun with Non-stop Spinner!

  • Ninja Pumpkin Winter Edition PLAY NOW!

    Do you like adventure? If you like adventure, you can play the game. Follow the ninja pumpkin, through obstacles and collect gold coins. This game is not easy, so I suggest that you try to catch these coins because you will ..

  • Slide Blocks Puzzle PLAY NOW!

    Slide Blocks Puzzle is an arcade game. Your goal is to move other wooden blocks then let the red blocks go out from the exit. If the number of steps moved is small enough, you will get three stars! Have a good time!

  • Mini Mall Millionaire PLAY NOW!

    Do you want to run a mall of your own? Do you want to enjoy the business? Do you want to be a millionaire by your efforts? Join the Mini Mall Millionaire right now! Everything you expect can be achieved in the game. Building ..

  • Hand Skin Doctor PLAY NOW!

    Imagine that you are a doctor in a clinic and need to help many patients every day. Today, you found that one of the patients' hands received a very serious injury. Can you help her? Help her clean the wounds and do some hand ..

  • Splash Snake Vs Blocks PLAY NOW!

    Operate the swift snake to start a gorgeous adventure! Collect energy substances to become more powerful. The game uses mathematical knowledge, you must ensure that its length is greater than the number on the bricks or you will ..

  • Adventure Drivers PLAY NOW!

    Drive your new car to participate in a racing game!! The game requires you to collect items, avoid obstacles, and surpass other players. Just keep going and use your excellent driving skills to complete the game. If you can show ..

  • Color Candy PLAY NOW!

    Welcome to Color Candy. In the game, you need to click at the right time and try to cover with the same color. Try to get the best score and enjoy it!

  • Mini Golf Adventures PLAY NOW!

    Do you like golf? Our Mini Golf Adventures is a brilliant adventure golf game in which you must try and put the golf ball in the hole in as little shot as possible. Have fun with Mini Golf Adventures!

  • Circloo 2 PLAY NOW!

    This is an interesting arcade game. In the game, you roll up and down along the walls and jump over the rocks in your way. When you meet the white circle, you can the next level. Enjoy it!

  • Idle Dice PLAY NOW!

    Do you like to play dice? If you like, welcome to play our game. In the game, you get money based on the numbers of the dice rolls. Buy upgrades to increase its multiplier and buy more dices to earn even more money with a single ..

  • Wizards Vs Swamp Creatures PLAY NOW!

    Suppose you are a student at the Wizarding Academy. This summer, you got a mission to eliminate swamp creatures. These annoying creatures have been plaguing villagers in the surrounding villages. Because these creatures release ..

  • Totemland: Right Trick PLAY NOW!

    Totemland: Right Trick is an interesting puzzle game. In the game, you need to fill all of the center spaces with stones. Click on an edge section to send its pieces into the center. Click in the right order to make a perfect ..

  • Tileman.io PLAY NOW!

    TileMan.io is an awesome multiplayer io game. You can play with other players. Do you want to extend your territory? can you become the best one? Join the game and have fun!

  • Honey, Where”s My Super Suit? PLAY NOW!

    Search for Frozone's super suit while throwing ice to stop the Screen Slaver, throw four ice balls to stop one. Find and collect the super suit to win! But watch out because if you hit the Screen Slaver it's game over.

  • Pooh Bear vs. Piglet PLAY NOW!

    Defend Pooh Bear from Piglet. Run around and try to last as long as you can and try not to let Piglet touch you.Throw your yellow stars to try to defeat Piglet.

  • Dangerous Sky PLAY NOW!

    Un juego de un globo aérostatico que debe tener cuidado de los peligros del cielo, que mas divertido que eso.

  • escape da bomba PLAY NOW!

    fuja da bomba em apena 1 computador criei um escape da bomba experimente jogue com mais outra pessoa no mesmo computador

  • Isikhala PLAY NOW!

    You got sucked up in a black hole and now you try and make your way back home by jumping from planet to planet and avoiding obstacles to get through another black hole home.

  • Poncho PLAY NOW!

    Two amigos battle out in the wild west!!!!!!!!!!

  • Princess Peach: Gas Attack! (Tech Demo 6 – AP 3) PLAY NOW!

    Note: We do not own any of the property owned by Nintendo or other third-parties, including those who made the custom sprites and tiles (hence why it may seem as "falsely" listed as respecting copyright). All IP belongs ..

  • Jogo do Erick PLAY NOW!

    Jogo criado por Erick Lopes Nunes

  • Jogo do Ricardo PLAY NOW!

    Jogo desenvolvido pelo Ricardo Ogata

  • Jogo do Avner PLAY NOW!

    Jogo desenvolvido pelo aluno Avner

  • trezeFrog PLAY NOW!

    Help the frog to catch the bugs in the lake! Make the highest score possible.Items can help in your experience.

  • Grand Fantasy PLAY NOW!

    This is the first game i have ever completed . Have fun !PS : This game looks better in fullscreen !

  • Q-Roc Lite PLAY NOW!

    A prehistoric adventure that follows the journey of the Q-Roc warrior through uncharted territories to secure the future of his tribe.When enemy tribes decide to attack, Q-Roc starts a journey full of surprises and challenges to ..

  • Slime catcher PLAY NOW!

    In this game you can jump around having fun you can catch slimes you can feed them to give you plorts and then you can sell them for points.New update!! version 1.2 in this update i added a tutorial and i improved the graphics as ..

  • Christmas Project PLAY NOW!

    Help Santa dodge the coal in order to save Christmas

  • Mineirinho 2 PLAY NOW!

    MINEIRINHO 2! eae man, esse jogo todo cagado foi feito por min, esse jogo fooi feito em 1 fuck semana, então é issoatualizacção 1.1-Bugs Fixe-Hit Boxe Bug Fixeds


    help the dog to get in home! by controling him.

  • Zé doguinha PLAY NOW!

    faça o cão entrar na casinha com as setas direcionais

  • Square Platformer PLAY NOW!

    Try to beat all 3 levels with as few deaths as possible. You begin as a square and must get close to enemies to be able to fire your homing projectiles. You must also prevent your green core from being hit because that means ..

  • Homebound PLAY NOW!

    You're an alien, and you've left a trail of coins to help you find you way back to your ship. However, you can't see your ship without all of them! Collect the coins safely and return home!

  • Tony The Puppy Slayer PLAY NOW!

    Tony Aka "Puppy Slayer" Is The Legend Who Lives To Shoot The Cute Puppies!He Don't Give A SHIT!!!

  • Jolly Souls III PLAY NOW!

    Turn-based Fighting game with RNG here and there.

  • christmas game PLAY NOW!

    all you have to do is get the 3 presents. arrow keys to move, space to shoot snowballs, and you have to drag one of the presents that is on a cloud.

  • Baldi”s Plataform (Complete) PLAY NOW!

    Tente Fugir dessa escola de novo !com o baldis te atrapalhando e obstáculos.colete os corações para aumentar a vida. -------------------------------Versão do jogo : 1.4Atualizações !Multiplayer ..

  • BluesQuest PLAY NOW!

    Max [e um alienigena explorador e pesquisador de galaxias. Em uma de suas viagens sua nave parou de funcionar e acabou ficando preso em um mundo cheio de monstros!Agora Max tera que se aventurar por este mundo perigoso e ..

  • Jogo Da Geladeira PLAY NOW!

    O jogo da geladeira tem o objetivo de conscientizar o jogador sobre os locais corretos onde os alimentos devem ser armazenados na geladeira.

  • Video Game Quiz PLAY NOW!

    This is Video Game Quiz. These questions are based on around video games. There are at least 11 questions. There is a timer and score in this game. You have 15 second time limit to answer the question. If you answer incorrectly, ..

  • Escape Bermuda Triangle PLAY NOW!

    Jump into the car racing madness.Can you control your car in deep Blue water ,Find out NOW Thank you for playing my FIRST game, i appreciate your feedback Happy gaming

  • Super Lula Bros. PLAY NOW!

    Bolsonaro concedeu à Sérgio Moro poderes de ditador supremo fascista machista e opressor! Isso fez vários políticos "honestos" serem presos por ele, incluindo a Dilma. O Lula, porém, consegue ..

  • YouTube Clicker PLAY NOW!

    C'est un jeu de clicker sur le thème de Youtube :)Le but est d'arriver à 10 000 000 d'abonnés !

  • Pizza Challenge Game PLAY NOW!

    Are the people who love pizza and don't want to share it, here? Try to grab the various pizzas which come to your table in an order before your friend in slices. You should hold the slices right in the middle to grab them. ..

  • Galaxy Rush PLAY NOW!

    Demo for Galaxy Rush - available on the Envato Storehttps://codecanyon.net/item/retro-space-shooter-template-html5construct-2-game-mobile-desktop-version-capx-included/22703142

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